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Web Design

HTML & DHTML, Flash / j-query / Swish / Animations  
Home page with LOGO, News Scrolling, Achievers List.
Static Pages
Download link

Application Sign up / Registration Process

Option as chosen by the client like Open Sign-up with Admin approval OR E-pin voucher joining system  
Automatic Sponsor/Referral Code and Name verification system.

Members Login / Back office

Dash Board (At a Glance)
Welcome Letter
Profile with Edit (Approval at Admin)
Tree view ( with Team counts, Search etc..)
Payouts report
Online A/c statement
Change Password
SMS on members joining
E-vouchers Menu
E-voucher Thru Sign up
E-voucher Request Menu
E-Wallet with password
Admin / Back office
Kit Manager Tools
  Create New Kit
  Update Kit
  Vertical tree view of any member
  Horizontal Tree View


    Registration Report
    Sponsor Report
    Sign up Copy/Welcome Letter
    Block Report
    Block To Paid
    Payout Reports
    Daily Deposit Report
    Royalty Reports
    Rewards Reports
    PAN card Report
    Payment Report
    TDS Report
    MIS Report
E-voucher Manager
  Generate E-pin
  Request Approvals
  E-vouchers Used Report
  E-vouchers Unused Report
  E-vouchers Status Report
  E-voucher Request Report
  E-voucher Search
E-wallet / Virtual Bank
  Auto deduction from Payout
  Option to set the minimum balance of E-wallet
  Option to set the deduction in percentage from Payout
  Direct Deposit in E-wallet (Only by Admin)
  Incentives report as per the plan
  Royalty Report
  Rewards Achieved Report
  User Tools
  Change Password
  Member Report
  New User
  Edit User
  Contents Manager
  News Display at Home Page
  Seminars Display at Home Page

Profile Tools

  Show Profile of any member
  Edit Profile
  Member Password
  Search Member
  Member List
  Quick Login
  Block ID
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